tshwane metro police

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

Watch: Tshwane Metro officer filmed assaulting a taxi passenger [video]

The officer was accused of slapping a taxi passenger.

tshwane metro police

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

A Tshwane Metro police officer has drew ire from social media after a video showing her in an altercation with a taxi passenger went viral.

Watch: Tshwane Metro officer in a brawl with taxi passenger

The video was posted by @crimeairnetwork, a popular crime reporting page, on Wednesday evening.

In the video, a woman recording the incident could be heard accusing the Tshwane Metro police officer of assaulting a female passenger.

The video starts right after the altercation, however, the vehicles parked on the side of a busy road, somewhere in Tshwane, indicates that this may have been a routine stop that turned violent.

Commuters could do nothing but watch on as the officer’s partner tried his best to contain the situation. At first, the Tshwane Metro police officer was successfully removed from the heat of the altercation.

However, she managed to get loose from the grip of a man who was assisting in defusing the situation, and things almost got ugly.

Fortunately, the strength and resilience of her partner, who admitted on record that he was extremely disappointed by the conduct of the Tshwane Metro police officer.

The video ended abruptly, thus we are not sure what happened next and the Tshwane Metro Police Department has not entertained any queries about the action that will be taken against the officer.

The police department is also dealing with a matter involving members of the Lyttleton district who are accused of assaulting and manhandling a woman.

In December 2019, eNCA reported that the woman who was filmed being dragged into a police van, at a petrol station in Lyttleton, has pressed charges against the Tshwane Metro Police Department.

Gareth Newman from the Institute of Security Studies’ commented on the behaviour of police, stating that the problem is not the training officers receive, but their inability to adhere to the laws they’re meant to uphold.

“When police officers act like this, it’s critically important that appropriate action is taken to ensure that that behaviour is stopped and start acting like professionals that they should be,” he said.