saps taxi driver

Photo: @LoyisoGola / TW

Watch: Taxi driver teaches cops a thing or two about manners [video]

We don’t always agree with taxi drivers but this one had some ground to stand on.

saps taxi driver

Photo: @LoyisoGola / TW

It is certainly not everyday that you find yourself rooting for the taxi driver in a confrontation. This is because, more than likely, they are at most road-related incidents.

Taxi drivers have garnered notoriety for being right up there with the worst on the road. They flout all rules of the road, make it extremely difficult to drive around them and are constantly placing the lives of commuters at risk.

However, this taxi driver you will see in the video, albeit he was probably in the wrong, gained favour on social media for the principle he stood for against a team of SAPS officers.

Taxi driver goes viral for confronting officers about manners

The video we have embedded below was posted by renowned comedian, Loyiso Gola, on Twitter. In it, a taxi driver, who was pulled over by SAPS officers.

The video starts at the height of the confrontation with the cop asking the taxi driver, “are you refusing to give me your licence now?”

“Rectify your mistake for calling me an asshole. You have to apologise to me for calling me an asshole,” the driver responded.

Visibly perturbed by the taxi driver’s refusal to cooperate, the male officer walked away, leaving his female partner behind, who had been trying to deescelate the confrontation the entire time.

From what we could hear from the passenger behind the camera, it seems that the male SAPS officer had, before saying anything, yelled at the taxi driver, calling him an asshole and demaning that he produce his driver’s licence.

The taxi driver made it clear that he was more than willing to cooperate with the officers but his approach was not okay.

“He (the male officer) is doing his job. As law enforcement you are allowed to do your job but you cannot get to people, before you even greet them, and call them assholes,” the passenger explained.

Watch: SAPS officer gets taught a lesson on manners

It is not clear how the confrontation ended, hopefully it was amicable. However, there was a lesson to be learned from both sides.