cit robbery

Photo: @RiotAndAttackinfo / TW

Watch: Looters caught stealing CIT robbery cash [video]

Law enforcement is looking for the group of looters who stole CIT robbery cash along the R566 highway, on Monday.

cit robbery

Photo: @RiotAndAttackinfo / TW

Law enfrocement officials are on the lookout for the group of looters who, after a cash-in-transit (CIT) truck was robbed, took the opportunity to steal the cash that was left behind.

CIT robbery: Where did this happen?

On Monday, police were called out to the R566 highway in Onderstepoort, near the intersection of N4 in Pretoria North. According to police spokesperson, Col. Brenda Muridili, responding oficers found the remains of a CIT truck scattered along the road at around 17:30.

Based on the intelligence collected by investigatiors, it is believed that three SUVs, driven by armed suspects, forced the CIT truck to a halt, bombed it, and made it off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

“The armoured truck was travelling from Rosslyn to Silverton when the suspects came across and started firing shots. It is alleged that the suspects were utilising three SUVs and wearing blue overalls with balaclavas and hand gloves.

“They bombed the truck and took an unknown amount of money from the truck and fled from the scene,” she said.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the robbery and at this time, no arrests have been made.

Police in search of cash-in-transit looters

What concerns law enforcement officials more is the fact that soon after the armed robbers fled with what they could, a large group of onlookers swarmed towards the burning truck and stole the cash that was left behind.

Video footage showing the chaos went viral on social media. However, the poor quality of the video has not been of great use to police since they can’t make out any of the looters faces.

Muridili warned that stealing money that has been left behind by CIT robbers makes you an active participant of the crime.

Watch: Looters make off with stolen cash