motorist robbery

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

Watch: Helpless motorist gives up valuables in ambush [video]

In a split second, he lost everything.

motorist robbery

Photo: @crimeairnetwork / TW

The unfortunate events that befell this motorist can be used as a lesson to always practice vigilance in a country where crime is brimming at an all-time high.

Watch: Motorist gets valuables swiped by armed robbers

Information around this video can not be found. At this time, the name of this gentleman who got robbed in broad daylight is not known, and we don’t know if he reported the crime.

The video was shared by popular crime reporter, @crimeairnetwork, on Twitter, and in less than 24 hours, has garnered more than 12 000 views,

The dashcam metadata informs us that the incident took place on Thursday 20 February, at some point during the daytime. The motorist is seated in his car, his windows rolled all the way down and scrolling through his smartphone.

Unaware of his surroundings and the danger approaching, he seems relaxed as he probably — like many of us — has done this many times.

However, in a split second, two suspects approached him brandishing weapons. The dashcam, unfortunately, does not capture the interaction but the motorist’s body language gives us an idea of what they were there for.

Visibly shaken, the motorist gives up his wallet, his smartphone, his watch and other valuables in his possession. Just as quickly as they had appeared by his window, the suspects disappeared, leaving the motorist thankful that the confrontation had not resulted in bloodshed.

Safety tips for drivers in South Africa

Common robbery is a contact crime that occurs at least 142 times a day in South Africa, according to the 2018/19 crime statistics. No place is exempt from an encounter with robbers, that is why is it crucial to practice caution at all times.

The motorist in this video will probably never leave his window rolled down again. This basic precautionary measure could have allowed him enough time to escape the confrontation unharmed.

The South African Police Service (Saps) constantly issues out awareness information around practising safety in South Africa. These are some of the suggestions they feature in their tips on how to avoid being a victim of a robbery in Mzansi:

  • Keep valuables in a locked place and do not carry large sums of money, wear expensive jewellery, or obviously display valuable items;
  • unless you have an immediate need for it (e.g. cash) we also urge that you not carry your ID or passport with you on a daily basis;
  • don’t resist. Give up your property – don’t give up your life; and
  • report the crime to the police. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your actions can help prevent others from becoming victims.