Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken’s latest ad parodies Black Panther. Image: Screenshot from video.

WATCH: Chicken Licken brings Wakanda to Cape Town with latest spoof ad

Chicken Licken’s latest ad sees warriors from an advanced African country come to Cape Town in search of Big John.

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken’s latest ad parodies Black Panther. Image: Screenshot from video.

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever making its debut in South African cinemas, a local chicken chain, Chicken Licken, decided to utilise the hype to rekindle the legend of one of its *big* burgers in a hilarious spoof of the Marvel movie.


In the ad, the Queen looks out at her futuristic kingdom as her warriors arrive. She instructs them to bring her Big John.

They dutifully set off in their spaceship, which they park in the middle of the Cape Town traffic opposite the Grand Central building.

Onlookers gawk at the craft – as you would – and before the keys have left the ignition, an opportunistic whistling window washer has wet the windshield.

“Hello, and this thing, just like that?” asks a traffic officer, gesturing at the spaceship, but the warriors pay her no mind and walk off searching for Big John.

The first person they approach, at the Golden Acre’s escalators near Adderley Street, cannot understand the warriors’ “Hollywood isiXhosa.”

With the help of their advanced technology, the warriors manage to find their way to the Chicken Licken shop but the misunderstandings are far from over.

The warriors mistake a tall cashier for Big John. He says no and points at a more diminutive colleague who is eventually scooped up and taken to the Queen.

Upon arrival, the Queen removes the burger box from the young man’s hands and the warriors realise their mistake.

“The new Big John ad is a feast for the senses: from the storytelling and comedic timing to the brilliant performances; from the art direction and the spectacular CGI to the beautiful cinematography, epic music score and sound composition. All the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. A proudly South African Chicken Licken Production,’ said Martin Schlumpf, the executive creative director at the ad agency behind the advert.