hail storm car

Screenshot via Twitter: IG: @leighmathys

Watch: SA smiles as man does the most to protect his car during hail storm

A video circulating on social media of a man frantically covering his car with blankets during a hail storm has made South African’s smile.

hail storm car

Screenshot via Twitter: IG: @leighmathys

In the midst of the Kwa-Zulu Natal storm, that has caused devastating chaos, South African’s have found a moment to smile at the man in the video who is frantically covering his car with blankets to protect it from a hail storm.  

EFF member and social justice activist, Leigh Mathys posted the video yesterday, 13 November 2019 asking: “Are your cars safe in a thunderstorm?” adding four laughing emojis. 

Since then, there has been a flood of comments and likes.    

Man circles his car during hail storm 

In the video, a man can be seen in his boxer, outside during a hail storm. He seems to be pulling and straightening thick blankets over the roof and sides of his car. 

The hail sounds like golf balls hitting the ground and so the man is running around the car, straightening the blanket on top of the car and simultaneously covering his head. 

The man is frantically running and asking a woman that appears to be taking the video to pass him another blanket. 

What other South Africans would do in this position

A Twitter user commented on Mathys’s post and said that he would do that for his car.

“I would definitely do that.”

To which Mathys said: “seriously?” 

The user replied saying: “If it’s the only option, it has to be done.” 

In the video, a truck can be seen parked behind the car. Many tweeps were confused as to why the man was protecting the sudan over the truck, which to them, would be more useful to him in the future. 

“He doesn’t care about the vehicle that can bring him money (the truck), instead he’s protecting the one of going to vibes,” a user said. 

Another user asked why he did not build a carport. “Imagine if he had built a carport, his troubles would be minimal.” To which someone replied saying: “maybe he’s renting.” 

Dedicated to his car

One commonality in all the Twitter responses were that the man in the video genuinely cared for his car, perhaps more than himself or the woman taking the video. 

One user said: “I wonder if he treats his wife like that car.” 

Another said: “He possibly worked hard for that car.”

Mixed emotions 

While most people found the video to be light-hearted, there were a few who didn’t think it was funny at all. 

One user said: “Can someone please explain how this is a laughing matter? Maybe I’m missing something but it’s sad to say the least.” 

Another user responded saying two words: “it’s not.” 

Memes about the video