trevor noah harry and meghan

Trevor Noah. Image via Facebook: The Daily Show

Trump Impeachment: Trevor Noah’s ‘third-favourite child’ jibe sparks hysterics

If you get called-out by Trevor Noah, don’t fight back. You aren’t going to win. The comedian ripped Eric Trump during his dad’s impeachment hearing.

trevor noah harry and meghan

Trevor Noah. Image via Facebook: The Daily Show

Donald Trump has, not for the first time in his political career, landed himself in hot water. The US Senate has grabbed the president by the transcripts, after his dodgy phone calls to Ukraine gave his opponents a platform to instigate an impeachment hearing – and Trevor Noah couldn’t resist getting involved.

The Soweto-born superstar is one something of a roll at the moment. He’s enjoying wild success with The Daily Show and recently sold out a stand-up gig at Maddison Square Gardens in New York – the first African comedian to achieve such a feat. His reputation certainly allows him a crack at the president, or indeed, his sons.

Why the president is facing impeachment

For those who need a recap, Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment debate after asking his Ukranian counterpart to dig-up dirt on a potential presidential opponent in 2020. He’s accused of trying to use foreign powers to influence an American election. The Russians are heartbroken they didn’t get asked again, we’re sure.

The hearings, which began on Wednesday, seek to establish a case against POTUS and have him removed from office before he can complete his first term. However, the monumentous occasion has been criticised for being “boring”. Honestly, it’s one of the daftest things we’ve heard in a while – you can’t exactly sex-up the letter of the law – but it’s a criticism that has been echoed by Trump’s son, Eric.

Trevor Noah rips into Eric Trump

He called the impeachment hearings “boring”, labelling them a “snoozefest” in the process. Up steps Trevor Noah, who knows an open goal when he sees one:

How many children does Donald Trump have?

It’s an incredible put-down, you have to say. There are five young Donnies running around in total, and it’s even funnier when you consider that Trevor Noah has put him in mid-table, rather than rock bottom. Nothing hurts a person more than mediocrity, right?

Of his quintet of children – sons Donald Jnr, Eric, Barron and daughters Ivanka and Tiffany – the president definitely has a favourite, and he’s terrible at hiding it. Earlier this week, Trump suggested that Ivanka had used her role in the White House wisely, creating 14 million American jobs since 2016. Which is some going, considering that only (roughly) six million have been established since the end of the Obama Administration.

It’s also worth remembering that Trump said he’d like to date Ivanka… Doesn’t really have much relevance, but we feel it’s important to remember. Like, that’s grounds for impeachment itself.