30 January is bubble wrap day. Image: Pixabay

Let’s get popping – it’s bubble wrap appreciation day

One of the world’s favorite unintentional toys and means of stress relief – today is bubble wrap appreciation day


30 January is bubble wrap day. Image: Pixabay

Although it was made to protect delicate items, bubble wrap became a fun toy and an excellent stress relief.

On 30 January, we celebrate bubble wrap appreciation day.

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History of bubble wrap appreciation day

Bubble wrap was initially created by sealing two shower curtains together, and the inventors attempted to sell it as wallpaper.

The next thing they tried to market it as was greenhouse insulation, which was also largely unsuccessful.

A year later, they discovered its ideal application, and the Bubble Wrap brand packaging was born.

The product was originally named Air Cap, and in 1961, the product evolved into the the wrap we know today.

It got off to a good start with IBM as the first customer, shipping the IBM 1401 in air-cushioned comfort to its many customers.

Bubble Wrap hosts a ‘Young Inventor’ award each year to encourage them to find ways to use this wrap in ways other than packaging.

Whether you need a wrapped door cover to keep dings at bay or a wrap cushy wheelchair to keep your loved ones safe from harm’s way, these young inventors work hard every year to create the latest wrap craze.