Springboks Faf de Klerk Pants 2

Photo: Zolie Christine / Twitter

A party in Faf’s pants: Speedo-clad Boks fans bust a few moves [video]

Looks like we’ve all been invited to the pants party. Faf de Klerk has a few admirers on the streets of Johannesburg, one of whom has a few moves in the locker.

Springboks Faf de Klerk Pants 2

Photo: Zolie Christine / Twitter

It was Isaac Newton who famously said that “each action has an equal and opposite reaction”. So when Faf de Klerk celebrated the Springboks’ iconic Rugby World Cup victory in his now-infamous speedos, he must have been aware that his flamboyant underwear would spark chaos back home.

Springboks tour of Gauteng

The Boks hero’s jocks have been a major talking point this week. He greeted Prince Harry and posed for a World Cup winning photo in them, but stopped short of donning the South African-flagged “banana hammock” again for the victory parade. But there are plenty more beers to go around during their tour of Gauteng on Thursday, so let’s not rule anything out yet.

Whereas Faf may have come across as shy and retiring since Saturday, his super-fans have done the exact opposite. A group of guys in Johannesburg have made a name for themselves – especially one mover in particular – after their daring outfits and raunchy dance moves were caught by TV crews.

The lads turned up on the streets of Jozi wearing nothing but their own SA-flag speedos, in tribute to Faf de Klerk’s mischevious “wardrobe malfunction”. They had their foam hands, cardboard Springbok cut-outs, and most importantly, some thumping tunes in the background.

Watch: Joburg bro’s have a party in Faf de Klerk’s pants

The moment Lil Wayne’s Turn Down for What dropped, it was time to get silly. Queue one of the most virtuoso dancefloor performances you’re ever likely to see from a Joburg bro. He needs to explain where he got these moves from, we’ve not seen anything like it, in all honesty.

All having fun, aren’t we?

It is certainly party time on the streets of South Africa. Despite some of the nay-sayers, this moment of national unity feels like a genuine expression of happiness across the country. Maybe it won’t last for ever, but right now, this is the light relief many of us have been hoping for.

The Springboks are due to roll in to Soweto on Thursday afternoon too, before visiting Durban on Friday. Let’s hope the hangovers aren’t too severe for the next few days, as the squad will also be touring East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Someone best make sure these lads wake up to a massive fry-up and an endless pot of coffee from now until Tuesday.