Photo: YouTube screenshot

Watch: SA trucker’s illegal attempt to overtake at 100km/h ends terribly

It doesn’t get any dafter than what we’ve seen here – and the stone-faced silence of this trucker’s passenger just about says it all.


Photo: YouTube screenshot

Oh dear. What could be worse than crashing your lorry after making a fairly ridiculous attempt to overtake one of your fellow truckers? Well, we suppose having the whole incident captured on film and uploaded to the internet is up there.

SA trucker loses control during dangerous overtake attempt

Footage emerged online earlier today, showing the moment a cocky truck driver chanced his arm against another HGV. The decision to overtake – while going at over 100km/h and crossing over a solid white line – paid no dividends for this impatient road user.

Three angles of the incident tell us everything we need to know about this sorry tale. After clocking a dangerously high speed, the trucker swerves into the opposite lane, gambling his safety in the process. The passenger sitting in the cab remains unimpressed throughout.

Watch: Trucker left with nothing to smile about

After inching past the other lorry, our unwitting viral star can’t hide his delight, as he laughs and jokes about the maneuver. Again, his companion remains stony-faced – and with good reason: Something is about to hit the fan very, very soon…

Overtake fail at 100km/h goes viral

The truck loses control on a slight bend, and is forced off-road. There’s carnage behind the cab, after the trailer rolls over, detaches, and erupts into a ball of flames. The smile on this driver’s face is nowhere to be seen by the end of the clip.

These actions are likely to land the driver in some seriously hot water, and keeping his job following the online outcry will be no mean feat. The incident, which took place just after 15:30 on Tuesday 30 November, is now subject to an internal investigation.