Four-day week

A pilot for a four-day working week will be rolled out in South Africa next year – Photo: Unsplash

SA workplaces can now sign-up for ‘four-day week’ trial – here’s how

Imagine getting EVERY Friday off! This new pilot scheme in SA is looking to test-out a ‘four-day week’ in the workplace – details here…

Four-day week

A pilot for a four-day working week will be rolled out in South Africa next year – Photo: Unsplash

What if you only had to do a four-day week at work – but then got paid for doing a full five? These are the promising proposals that are taking the world by storm, and the early success of a ‘shorter working week’ bodes well for a project now launching in South Africa.

Working hard? The four-day week trial has been a ‘rousing success’

The ‘4DayWeek’ programme is now looking for businesses based in SA to sign-up to this rather enjoyable experiment. Pilot projects have already yielded some superb results overseas, and the latest feedback from participating companies truly makes for wonderful reading.

  • Pilot projects have successfully been trialed in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, the USA, and the UK.
  • Around 86% of those surveyed said they would keep the four-day week policy going after the trial ends.
  • Up to 95% of firms say productivity had stayed the same or improved during the shorter week.
  • Participants in the trials still receive their EXACT SAME PAY as they would for five days’ work.
  • South Africa is now the latest country to be approached for the ‘100% pay, 80% work’ principle.
Four-day week SA
Applications are now open for SA workplaces to sign-up to a four-day working week – Photo: 4DayWeek

Work less, earn the same? Apparently, it pays dividends…

According to the latest research, most workers involved in these pilots show either the same OR increased productivity. Having one more day of relaxation and leisure time, while retaining a full pay packet, has had a largely positive impact on those who have taken part.

What’s more, there is a genuine economic case for reducing office hours to a four-day week schedule…

“South African companies have an opportunity to join a co-ordinated, six-month trial of the Four-Day Week, with no loss in pay. Researchers will work with participants to establish relevant productivity and worker wellbeing metrics and to define what individual success looks like.”

“Why should we be trying this in South Africa, you ask? Beyond improvements in productivity, wellness and gender equality, a Four-Day Week could also help address unemployment and youth upliftment in the longer term.” | 4DayWeek

Coming to Mzansi! How to apply for a four-day week at YOUR workplace

Signing up for the trial is an easy and stress-free experience:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the 4DayWeek website.
  2. After that, it’s a case of filling in details about yourself and the company you work for/run. The survey is ideally targeted towards business owners, but there’s absolutely no harm in employees trying their luck either.
  3. You then click the blue ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page, and wait to hear back from them.
  4. Participants have until the end of October 2022 to sign-up, and successful applicants will be notified of the way forward in November 2022.
  5. From February 2023 to July 2023, the four-day week trial for South Africa will commence. Don’t let us down…