BMW Western Cape

Photo: Western Cape government

Western Cape: How a BMW driver’s ‘middle-finger’ got him arrested

You reap what you sow, right? A BMW driver in the Western Cape flashed an obscene gesture towards speed cameras – it proved to be a terrible decision.

BMW Western Cape

Photo: Western Cape government

If you’re going to flip someone off, make sure they don’t have the power to look through your driving records. An ironic twist of fate befell a cocky Western Cape motorist this week, after he “fingered” himself into police custody.

Western Cape traffic cops snare rebellious motorist

Minds out of the gutter, please… Ntomboxolo Makoba-Somdaka is a spokesperson for the regional transport MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela. Credited with running the Safely Home Twitter account, the politician made it very clear that drawing attention to yourself can be a very bad idea if you’ve got something to hide.

“This couple in their BMW showed the middle finger to our average-speed-over distance [ASOD] cameras. Moments later, they were arrested for speeding and driving with an expired licence. Beware if you wilfully disobey and disrespect provincial traffic services in the Western Cape — we will get you,”

DA Spokesperson Ntomboxolo Makoba-Somdaka

BMW drivers picked up following obscene gesture

The pair were filmed passing the ASOD camera in their white BMW convertible over the weekend. Although the over-zealous use of a middle finger didn’t help matters, this grouchy driver played himself. By breaking the speed limit in a place between two speed cameras, he left the police with no choice but to pull him over – that’s when his world came crashing down, and his licence was found to be invalid.

Safely Home is the Western Cape government’s road safety campaign which aims to reduce the number of people killed on the province’s roads. Fatal incidents are a common occurrence in the province, which is why local traffic officials are playing tough with motorists at the start of this new year.