Street dwellers

JMPD By-law enforcement operation spoils the warmth for street dwellers in Hillbrow. Photo: JMPD/ Facebook

Night warmth for street dwellers spoilt by JMPD

A JMPD By-law enforcement operation spoilt the warmth for street dwellers in Hillbrow after officers poured water onto their fire.

Street dwellers

JMPD By-law enforcement operation spoils the warmth for street dwellers in Hillbrow. Photo: JMPD/ Facebook

With Winter slowly crippling in, the nights will freeze leaving street dwellers with no choice but to set any combustible material on fire.


However, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department will be a stumbling block for many street dwellers as they enforce the City of Johannesburg (JMPD) by-laws, which prohibit fires in public spaces.

This was evident after JMPD officers ruined the warmth of a group of street dwellers in the inner city this past weekend.

According to JMPD, the Fire Safety By-Laws enforcement by JMPD #RegionF1 Operations officers took place at Bruce Street in Hillbrow.

“It is prohibited to burn any refuse or combustible material on a public road.”


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In case you wish to question this act, below is the Emergency Services By-laws for the City of Johannesburg. Metropolitan Municipality as approved by its Council:

Fire prevention

Certain self-made fires are prohibited without prior written permission from the Chief of Emergency Management Services or his/her nominee. Storage and accumulation of combustible material are prohibited. The owner/occupier of the property must eliminate the hazard without delay.

Fire protection

  • Design and construction of buildings should encompass water drainage from buildings and access to facilitate fire-fighting and rescue. 
  • Provision should be made for the installation of sprinkler systems, extractor fan systems, emergency exits and fire-fighting equipment.
  • Adequate water supply through the provision of reservoirs for fire-fighting purposes.
  • Storage of flammable substances

All flammable liquid storerooms must be designed in accordance with the requirements of the City’s bylaws. No person may store or allow the storage of any flammable substance in any storeroom without:

A certificate of registration (Section 35); and

  • Compliance with the requirements of the by-laws and any other applicable law.
  • The use of fireworks without authorisation is prohibited in certain circumstances.
  • Fireworks displays must be authorised by Council at least 14 days prior to the proposed event.
  • Application for permission to deal in fireworks must be made from the Chief or his / her nominee at least 30 days in advance.

Certificate of registration for use, handling and storage of flammable substances

  • Flammable Liquid Installation plans must be submitted.
  • A registration certificate will be issued on completion of the installation.

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