Nando’s fans’ feathers in a flutter over chicken shortages

Nando’s diners complained to the metro police about the temporary closures and shortage of their favourite chicken at some restaurants.



Nando’s diners have cried fowl on social media after finding that their favourite local fast-food outlet was closed this week due to “delivery disruptions”.

The Daily Mail Reported that almost 50 restaurants were closed and delivery options were cancelled at other Nando’s outlets in the UK due to a shortage of chicken as a result of the country’s shortage of truck drivers, and other staff shortages. The staff shortages were due to the ‘pingdemic’ a phrase coined in the UK, referring to the National Health Service informing people via its Covid-19 App that they need to self-isolate.  

Even the SA born Nando’s restaurants that have remained open have been impacted by the shortage, according to the daily mail. Items like peri-peri wings and thighs have been “temporarily” removed from the fast food menu.

“Nando’s has said it will provide 70 staff to its suppliers’ factories in a desperate bid to temporarily restore normal levels of food deliveries and reopen its affected restaurants. Nando’s has not yet confirmed the specific items affected by stock shortages, or when the disruption is likely to end, “ the Daily Mail reported. 

Almost 50 Nando’s outlets across the UK had to close on Tuesday, as a result of the supply chain issues, the franchise advised on its website. The firm explained that the need for staff to ‘self-isolate’ and the fact that its suppliers were struggling to keep up with demand for chicken had led to the shortages.

Annoyed Nando’s fans took to social media to complain about the closure of their favourite outlets.

The Evening Standard Reported Nando’s fans’ Twitter complaints.

“My Nando’s closed early today bc we have no chicken lmao same with loads in my area, and KFCs because we have the same supplier,” one worker remarked.

Another fan was left upset on Twitter: “Went to three Nando’s yesterday and no wonder they were all closed – it’s KFC all over again.”

Nando’s is the second fast food chain the the UK  to be impacted by a shortage of chicken. KFC earlier advised that ‘disruption’ had led to shortages of some of its items on its fast food menu.

The news comes just days after KFC bosses issued a nationwide supply warning after blaming ‘disruption’ for causing a lack of availability of some of its menu items. The Evening Standard reported that some frustrated diners had contacted the Metropolitan Police Services to complain about the unavailability of their favourite chicken meals. 

“Officers in Tower Hamlets were forced to say the so-called “crisis” is not a police matter after scores of London outlets were forced to close when they ran out of chicken,” the Evening Standard reported.