Cape Independence Party Western Cape Independence Elections

Photo: Cape Independence Party

You may be able to vote for ‘Western Cape independence’ at the next election

The now-renamed Cape Independence Party will contest the upcoming local elections – with the aim of making the Western Cape its own country.

Cape Independence Party Western Cape Independence Elections

Photo: Cape Independence Party

The debate surrounding ‘Capexit’ refuses to go anywhere in a hurry – and the potential for Western Cape independence is set to receive a significant boost during the next local elections. The Cape Party will now officially run as the Cape Independence Party – and they will lobby for a complete secession of the province from South Africa.

  • But is the Great Es-Cape really a possibility?

Get ready for… the Cape Independence Party

This proposal is nothing new, and the Cape Independence Party has been prominent in the political landscape for the past decade or so. But now, they are putting all their eggs in one basket: They want a clean break from Mzansi, and hope to make the Western Cape its own country – leaving the rest of SA with just eight provinces.

Western Cape independence ‘essentially on the ballot box’

The Western Cape is the only province in South Africa that isn’t governed by the ANC. However, the Cape Independence Party firmly believes that the DA’s government is essentially ‘ceremonial’, due to the overwhelming majority of national votes that end up going towards the ruling party. For leader Jack Miller, there’s only one way to break this cycle:

“Western Cape Independence is now an inevitability which more and more people are accepting it as the only solution to perennial ANC Rule. The Western Cape is fundamentally at odds with the 8 other provinces. And no matter how often the people of the Western Cape vote to keep the ANC out, we can never get the result we want.”

“In general, most people informally refer to the party by this new name anyway. Western Cape Independence is and has been our signature issue for over a decade and its fitting that our name should easily convey our number one priority”

When will South Africa host its Local Elections?

The Local Elections, still slated to take place in October 2021, could be pushed back to 2022 instead, due to the threat posed by COVID-19. Several parties oppose this delay, whereas others maintain its the best thing for public health.

With the matter of Western Cape Independence on the line for some regional voters, an intriguing sub-plot to the upcoming ballot has developed – and the public vote could act as a mandate for a shock secession.