A motorist being pulled over at a roadblock. Photo: City of Tshwane/ Facebook.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Motorists’ basic Rights and Obligations

Knowledge of motorists basic Rights and Obligations can come in handy when you’ve been pulled over at a roadblock or by a public officer


A motorist being pulled over at a roadblock. Photo: City of Tshwane/ Facebook.

Motorists when stopped by a law enforcement officer, can be easily misguided due to lack of knowledge about their basic rights and obligations.


With the holiday season nearing which will see South Africa’s national routes bustling with vehicles in all directions – the deployment of law enforcement agencies will be inevitable.

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However, to remain on the safe side of the law, the City of Tshwane has provided tips about the motorists’ basic rights and obligations during a roadblock:


  1. To be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Not to be arrested without a legitimate and reasonable cause.
  3. If arrested, to be informed about the reasons for such arrest.
  4. To know the identity of the officer you are dealing with. You may at any time request the officer’s appointment certificate on which the identity of the officer is confirmed. 
  5. To record the proceedings on any device and not have the device confiscated or be forced to delete any footage. 
  6. Not to be tortured in any way or arbitrarily punished by an officer. 
  7. Not to have your identity document, driving license or any other property seized without just and legal cause. 
  8. Not to be forced to make a confession or admission that could be used against you in a court of law. 
  9. To dispute any offence you are charged with in a court of law. 
  10. To be presumed innocent of any offence until proven guilty.


  1. To use public roads and your vehicle in a responsible manner in accordance with the rules of the road.
  2. To bring your vehicle to an immediate stop when instructed to do so by a public officer. 
  3. To treat the officer with the same respect you would like to be treated with. 
  4. To provide the officer with your name, address, driving license and any other reasonable information the officer may legally require from you. 
  5. Not to offer or pay any bribe of any nature to an officer. 
  6. Not to resist arrest when a legal arrest is being executed. 
  7. To report any attempt of extortion or other misconduct as soon as possible.

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