Xolani Maphanga moja love

Sizokthola presenter Xolani Maphanga. Image via Instagram @xolane_maphanga.

Moja Love presenter Xolani Maphanga granted R5000 bail

Moja Love presenter Xolani Maphanga, who hosts the drug-busting show Sizokthola, has been granted R5000 bail.

Xolani Maphanga moja love

Sizokthola presenter Xolani Maphanga. Image via Instagram @xolane_maphanga.

Moja Love presenter Xolani Maphanga and his co-accused have been granted R5000 bail each.

The two appeared before the Soshanguve Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 16 April.


According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Maphanga and Bongani Mkhabela, who is a bodyguard for the show and also a director and owner of Tshenolo Private Investigation company, are facing three counts of attempted murder and trespassing, a schedule 5 offence.

NPA spokesperson in Gauteng Lumka Mahanjana said it is alleged that on 14 March, the two, together with other crew members of Moja Love who have not been identified, went to the complainant’s house in Soshanguve, looking for drugs that they allege the complainant was selling.

When they could not find the drugs, they resorted to assaulting a woman who is a complainant in the matter with a sjambok and choked her with a taser. They further suffocated her brother.

Mahanjana said that three days after the incident, the woman had reported the matter to the police.

After investigations by the police, the two-handed themselves over to the police on 9 April after a warrant of arrest was issued against them.

Xolani Maphanga moja love
Sizokthola presenter Xolani Maphanga has been granted R5000 bail. Image: X.

On Tuesday, 15 April, in an affidavit, the two denied committing the offences and asked to be released on bail.

Mahanjana said the State did not oppose their release on bail; however, it asked the court to impose conditions that the two should not communicate directly or indirectly with the witnesses and should report to their closest police station once a week.

After the bail was granted, the matter was postponed to 21 May for further investigations.


After Maphanga and Mkhabela handed themselves over at the Soshanguve Police Station last Tuesday, Moja Love released a statement.

Moja Love spokesperson Nonzwakazi Cekete said initially, police met with the channel and indicated that they want to charge Maphanga and his bodyguard on assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. However, the charges changed to attempted murder and trespassing when the two arrived in court.

“In the same meeting, the police indicated that they were getting pressure from a top politician regarding the case that was opened by a female drug lord, alongside her brothers, who were accusing Xolani and the bodyguards of assault.

“The channel expressed concern that politicians were interfering with the work of the police. It was within this jurisdiction, that the crew found a corrupt cop collecting payola (bribe) from the drug lord. Moja Love has footage to this effect and will be reporting this to the Independent Police Investigate Directorate (Ipid),” Cekete said.

Cekete said Maphanga insists that he is innocent.