peanut butter

R300 million has been invested in a new South African peanut-butter manufacturing facility. Image: Pixabay

What is South Africa’s favourite spread?

A recent analysis of South Africa’s spreads market shows that peanut butter reigns supreme, and one brand in particular…

peanut butter

R300 million has been invested in a new South African peanut-butter manufacturing facility. Image: Pixabay

Tiger Brands, a prominent player in the food industry, says the South African peanut butter category accounts for 50% (R1.7bn) of the total South African spreads market.

This market, which excludes margarine, is worth R3.4bn.

Black Cat peanut butter top of the shelf

Due to the high demand, Tiger Brands has invested R300 million in a South African peanut-butter manufacturing facility in Johannesburg.

The group has opened the plant to produce more of its Black Cat peanut butter brand, which is “one of the biggest in the market”.

This is “to meet consumer demand for value and affordability while improving efficiencies,” Tiger Brands said in a statement.

It added that the upgraded packaging lines will offer greater in-house flexibility. This will allow the beloved spread to expand its range of new products.

“Consumers are looking for affordable and healthier food options,” said Tjaart Kruger, CEO of Tiger Brands.

“Peanut butter is an important staple in the South African diet, and we expect strong growth in this category.”

Black Cat peanut butter, a flagship product of Tiger Brands, holds a significant market share, with five million kilograms of the spread sold annually in retail stores.

Research indicates that the 100-year-old brand is found in seven out of 10 South African households, totalling 10-million households that purchase peanut butter.

Dumo Mfini, culinary managing director at Tiger Brands, emphasised how Black Cat has become known for its affordability, nutritional value, and superior quality

“This is a significant investment by Tiger Brands which will further strengthen and grow a proudly homegrown brand,” said Mfini.

In 2023, Black Cat received recognition as the Coolest Peanut Butter Brand in the Sunday Times GenNext Awards. It also achieved Iconic Brand status and was named the Overall Category Winner in a 2023/2024 AskAfrika survey.

A hunger for South African favourites

In related news, a biltong company in New Zealand is also having to expand its operations.

Canterbury Biltong in Christchurch is branching out further due to an insatiable demand for its South African-styled dry meat snacks.

The company supplies biltong to supermarkets, convenient stores and petrol stations across New Zealand, with an international market across the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East regions.

The company continues to experience good growth in Australasia, and recently got into 200 stores in Thailand and will soon be supplying another chain in Australia.

“[There is] potentially another big chain in the Philippines, so it’s all just trying to, I suppose, keep up. That’s always the challenge,” said Canterbury Biltong director David Stanley.