“Medical aid is a crime agains

“Medical aid is a crime against humanity. It is an atrocity.”

The idea of implementing a universal health care system has been met with reluctance.

“Medical aid is a crime agains

South Africa Health Professions Council president Dr Kgosi Letlape didn’t have anything nice to say about medical aid in the country last week.

Letlape was speaking academics and medical professionals about whether the white paper of the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) meets the human rights objectives of the constitution.

He said that Medical Schemes Act should be abolished if the NHI was going to provide universal health care and access for all citizens.

IOL reported that he he was speaking at a public discussion at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban on Friday.

“There can be no national health if it is not for all of us. You try to engage about NHI with the privileged, and they say “don’t touch my medical aid”. Medical aid is a crime against humanity. It is an atrocity.”

Letlape also pointed out that South Africa had a universal health care system under apartheid.

“South African whites had health for all. By 1967 they had a system that could give somebody a heart transplant for no payment. At the point of service, there were no deductibles, the doctor was on a salary and everyone could access health care.”

He said the establishment of the Medical Aid Schemes Act resulted in an “exodus” of medical professionals who left public health for private health.