Grade 1 learner biscuits

JMPD raids a spaza shop in Soweto. Image: X/@Vehicle Trackerz.

Mashaba FED UP with spaza shops’ counterfeit goods

Herman Mashaba wantsn SAPS and health department to shoulder the blame for the spate of food poisoning claims from spaza shop

Grade 1 learner biscuits

JMPD raids a spaza shop in Soweto. Image: X/@Vehicle Trackerz.

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba, has slammed government for dragging its feet when it comes to tackling the issues with regards to spaza shops allegedly selling expired or counterfeit goods.


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This comes after 120 learners in Komani fell ill with food poisoning after consuming food from a local vendor. 50 of the learners are said to be hospitalised.

In the last few weeks there has been a steady increase in the number of learner deaths linked to foods bought from spaza shops- most of who are owned by foreign nationals.

Mashaba says during his time as mayor of Johannesburg, city health inspectors had warned him of a ‘heath catastrophe’ that will occur because these good, but his please to national government fell on deaf ears.

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“We are now sitting in a situation where the state’s failure to address the threat of counterfeit goods may lead to a situation where communities take the law into their own hands to protect consumers – something which South Africa can ill-afford”, says Mashaba.


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“It is simply unacceptable that we are placing the lives of South Africans at risk because we are failing to uphold the rule of law in South Africa.”

According to Mashaba, his party members are already inspecting shops to ensure that the goods for sale are not counterfeit and are not expired in a bid to protect consumers.