Stealing R200

Image by @Ezitshisayo / Facebook

Cape Town man slaughtered by his own friend for stealing his R200

A man from Cape Town’s Nyanga has been slashed to death “like a tree” by his friend for allegedly stealing his R200.

Stealing R200

Image by @Ezitshisayo / Facebook

Cape Town Police Services (SAPS) are hunting a suspect who allegedly butchered his friend for stealing his R200 money on Sunday morning. The victim’s older brother described catching the suspect red-handed.


Police confirmed that the victim, a 41-year-old man, was killed in the early hours on Sunday in the infamously violent murder hotspot of Nyanga.

“Nyanga police members attended to a crime scene in Mohobe Drive on Sunday (2021-10-10) at about 03:20,” SAPS said.

“Upon arrival, they found the body of an unknown man who sustained stab wounds to his head and lower body. The victim, a 41-year-old man were declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.”

SAPS said that the motive for the brutal murder is yet to be discovered and the suspect/suspect is on the run.

“The motive for the attack is unknown. The unknown suspect/s fled the scene and is yet to be arrested.”


Meanwhile, a Facebook news page has claimed what could be the real story behind the killing. Ezitshisayo spoke to the victim’s older brother who witnessed how the incident started before later catching the suspect in the act of murdering his sibling.

“I heard him [the suspect] arrive in the house looking for my brother,” Thopile April said. “They had a short conversation before going out to leave together.”

Ezitshisayo added to say that someone later came to the house around 03:00 to alert the family that the victim was “getting finished.”

“I went out to where to the place to find him busy slaughtering my brother. He immediately stopped when he saw me arrive. I asked him why he was slaughtering my younger brother but he did not answer me.

“However, the people who had witnessed the entire scene said he was accusing my younger brother of stealing his R200.

“I noticed my brother’s bloody that he [the suspect] was intentionally ripping up his face. The legs looked like a tree that had been chopped.

“I don’t know where I will get the money to bury my brother. I would like to get help from anyone who can assist with the funeral,” April concluded.