Suicide COVID

A stock photo of a woman with her head between her legs. Photo: FILE

COVID lockdown ‘main factor’ behind 90% increase in Gauteng suicides

Government and opposition parties say loss of income from lockdown is behind the huge increase in Gauteng suicides.

Suicide COVID

A stock photo of a woman with her head between her legs. Photo: FILE

The Democratic Alliance is not in favour of the country moving back towards any strict lockdown measures. Especially those that will damage the economy and hurt jobs. But with Gauteng suicides having shown a massive increase over the last year, government might agree on this one.

Gauteng suicides: Loss of income from lockdown

Suicide cases in Gauteng have increased by 90% from the 2019/20 financial year. From April 2020 to date, the province has had 1325 suicides reported. That’s up from 695.

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DA Shadow MEC for Social Development Refiloe Nt’sekhe went looking for an answer. She eventually got one in a written reply from Gauteng Community Saftey MEC Faith Mazibuko.

“It was revealed that the contributing factors to those choosing to end their life included depression, loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic, financial difficulties, death of family members and domestic violence.

It is terribly sad to imagine what pain these vulnerable individuals had been going through to reach such a dark point in their life. Even survivors of suicide have disclosed that it is never an easy decision, and mostly one taken out of desperation,” Nt’sekhe explained.

COVID lockdowns across the globe have led to an increase in depression. And according to Nt’sekhe, depression in this country is a silent pandemic. One that has been ignored for far too long.

Do you need help?

It’s no secret lockdown has been a tough tough time. For some a lot more than others. If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, help is out there. You can speak to the South African Depression and Anxiety group 24 hours a day. Their team of experts will get you the help you need and talk to you when you need them.

Call: 0800 456 789 or for emergencies call 0800 567 567