Hamilton Ndlovu SARS earnings how much money broke

Photo: Twitter screenshot

‘I am broke’: Flashy Hamilton Ndlovu says he has lost his millions

If you pocket R170 million, spend it on flash cars, then don’t pay what you owe to SARS, you will end up like Hamilton Ndlovu – flat broke.

Hamilton Ndlovu SARS earnings how much money broke

Photo: Twitter screenshot

The tale of Hamilton Ndlovu is most certainly a precautionary one. The man who shot to social media fame during our first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 caught the attention of EVERYONE in South Africa – including the top dogs at SARS.

Hamilton Ndlovu: ‘Instagram millionaire’ now says he’s broke

The taxman took note of a series of videos posted to his Instagram page, which flaunted a new fleet of luxury vehicles. The cars had all been purchased within weeks of each other – after Mr. Ndlovu had obtained contracts worth a total of R172 million for the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the NHLS.

However, his failure to settle the tax bill on these items set alarm bells ringing. He was promptly investigated, and sure enough, ordered to pay back the obscene amount of cash he had splashed following the mega-windfall.

Businessman branded ‘notorious tax evader’ by SIU

Earlier this year, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) came down like a ton of bricks on the Joburg-based hustler, slamming his get-rich-quick scheme as ‘an abuse of the country’s emergency procurement procedures’.

“The transactions were obtained by abusing the emergency procurement procedures that were adopted by the NHLS in order to respond to the COVID-19 disaster during the first half of 2020 – Ndlovu and other respondents are prohibited from dealing in any manner with the funds and properties, including selling or transferring the properties.”

SIU statement

How much money does Hamilton Ndlovu owe SARS?

This overnight millionaire, however, now has much less to brag about. Hamilton Ndlovu is currently being pursued by the Special Tribunal Unit of South Africa, and they’ve urged him to ‘comply with their directives’.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the businessman, however, say that their client is flat broke, and is now ‘out of funds’ to fight the multi-million rand lawsuit. Ndlovu claims that he shared most of his wealth with his family, and the cash has been spent freely in the past 18 months. Funnily enough, we never heard about that on Instagram…