Lion's Head hiker cape town

Photo: Unsplash

Lion’s Head tragedy: Hiker falls to their death on Cape Town trail

A hiker has died during a visit to Lion’s Head on Sunday, as confirmed by Cape Town’s emergency services. Here’s what we know about the incident.

Lion's Head hiker cape town

Photo: Unsplash

The local Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) team has confirmed that a hiker has died after falling from a great height during a trek around Lion’s Head. The iconic Cape Town trail has experienced an influx of visitors since the laws of lockdown were eased earlier this week, but sadly, that has been overshadowed by this fatality.

Hiker confirmed dead after Lion’s Head fall

We are still trying to establish several key details, and with the body now under pathological care, we can’t yet reveal the identity of the victim. What we do know, is that their fall happened just after 9:00 on Sunday, on the Camp’s Bay side of the mountain. A video of the rescue mission was uploaded online, capturing the harrowing scene:

Cape Town emergency teams unable to save victim

In a statement published earlier this afternoon, WSAR explained that they were guided to the location of the incident by a location pin, shared by other hikers. Unfortunately, first responders declared the patient dead at the scene. This is a developing story, and we will bring you any further updates as we get them.

“Just after 9:00 on Sunday 7, WSAR was activated to assist with a call to deploy to the Camps Bay side of Lion’s Head following a report that a hiker had fallen and that other hikers could not see the fallen climber. Authority to use the emergency rescue helicopter operated by AMS and contracted to the Dept of Health was granted.”

“The pilot collected a paramedic and technical rescuer at Pinelands Rescue Base, whereafter the helicopter flew straight to a location PIN sent in by people where the accident had happened. When the rescuers reached the fallen person it was found that the hiker had suffered fatal injuries.”

“The body was packaged, thereafter hoisted out, and handed to the forensic pathology department of SAPS. As this is now an ongoing inquest investigation, we are unable to provide you with any further information.” 

WSAR statement