farm murders

Seven people were murdered at a farm near Kestell, Free State. Image: Unsplash.

Double farm murder: Two victims, both aged over 80, killed in vicious attack

There is something seriously wrong with SA’s criminal class: Another vicious farm murder has claimed the lives of two elderly citizens in Gauteng.

farm murders

Seven people were murdered at a farm near Kestell, Free State. Image: Unsplash.

A shocking double farm murder has rocked the rural community in Gauteng. The elderly victims were declared dead at the scene, as emergency services rushed to intervene. Meanwhile, local politicians are up in arms with the local police force.

Elderly couple killed in Gauteng farm murder

While the police investigation gets underway, the bare facts about this case have been released by the authorities.

  • – Both victims were over 80 years old.
  • – The attack took place early on Saturday morning.
  • – It’s understood this farm murder happened on a farmstead in Bapsfontein – to the northeast of Johannesburg.
  • – Further details have not been made public, but it’s understood police are looking for multiple suspects.

DA vent frustrations at GP police

Although the full details of this grim attack haven’t been forthcoming, the DA says it has seen enough. Adrian Roos, a Gauteng-based politician who is monitoring farm murders in South Africa, has blamed the police for allowing rural crimes to go unchallenged. Roos has also slammed law enforcement for failing to prioritise ‘vulnerable citizens’.

“We call for the urgent strengthening of community safety oversight in Gauteng after the tragic murder of two elderly persons on their smallholding in Bapsfontein this weekend. Barely one in 20 farm attacks in Gauteng over the last eight months has resulted in an arrest. The police are incapable or unwilling to implement rural safety plans in the province.”

“Police in Gauteng have shown that they are unable to adequately track and report on farm attacks and it is clear that citizens need to be empowered to hold them to account where they fail and work more closely with those who want to protect the vulnerable in rural areas. People on farms and smallholdings are more likely to be killed than police officers.”

Adrian Roos