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In Limpopo: 36-year-old man gets life for raping minor sibling

The outstanding work conducted by the investigating officer is the reason why the State was able to prosecute the 36-year-old sibling rapist.

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Photo: Envato Elements/Joebelanger

Limpopo police have celebrated the sentencing of a 36-year-old man who was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his nine-year-old sister.

Limpopo man nabbed for raping younger sibling

The rape case that was brought to finality at the Morebeng Regional Court relates to an incident that took place on 14 October 2017. The mother of a nine-year-old girl alerted authorities that her son, a 36-year-old man, had sexually abused her daughter.

According to police spokesperson, Brig Motlafela Mojapelo, authorities were deployed to Botlokwa Eis Leven, the area where the mother lived, in Limpopo, but the man was nowhere to be found.

Officer applauded for outstanding police work

Photo: Sergeant Abel Sello Moreroa / Supplied

Brig Mojapelo further revealed that the case was assigned to Sergeant Abel Sello Moreroa, an investigation officer with the Polokwane FCS.

One of his main tasks was to track down the whereabouts of the 36-year-old. Finding people who do not want to be caught, in Limpopo, is quite the challenge.

Vast areas of the province are inaccessible and they are rural. However, the sheer determination shown by Moreroa proved to be very fruitful,

Working with useful leads, the investigating officer managed to track down the wanted suspect and sure enough, he was apprehended.

The man, believed to be the older sibling to the nine-year-old, was placed under arrest and charged with sexually assaulting his younger sister.

It was determined by the court that he was a risk. Thus, for two years, he was kept in custody for the duration of the trial. The case dragged on for months and on Thursday, 7 November, the Morebeng Regional Court finally reached a decision in the man’s case.

He was found guilty of sexual assaulting a minor and was subsequently sentenced to life in jail. More than likely, he will never set foot outside of a prison yard, for the remainder of his life.

Limpopo top-cop, General Ledwaba, commended the resilient work put in by Sgt Moreroa. Without his sheer determination and the professional way he handled the case, justice would not have been brought to the little girl.

“The police are forever dedicated to fighting crime and will do everything in their power to serve all people in Limpopo and ensure criminals face the full might of the law,” Gen. Ledwaba said.