Sweet 'n Short Cover

Sweet ‘n Short Cover

Leon Schuster and the LOTTO! Remember?

Remember that movie with Leon Schuster and the LOTTO draw? Here’s more info about a CLASSIC Schuster film and why it’s great.

Sweet 'n Short Cover

Sweet ‘n Short Cover

Leon Schuster is one of South Africa’s favourite comic talents, known for his nationally hilarious pranks and clever gag delivery that’s had everyone laughing for decades with his work.

But who remembers the movie with Leon Schuster and the LOTTO?

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The classic Schuster film was first released in 1991, featuring the actor and comedian in the role of Sweet Coetzee.

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Here’s more about one of the best films from the classic Schuster catalog, and why it was a film made for the fresh South Africa.

Leon Schuster and the LOTTO

Schuster portrays the character of Sweet Coetzee, a newscaster who falls on hard times and loses his job as a national news anchor.

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After suffering a bout of memory loss after winning the jackpot (and hitting his head), he wakes up in a

whole new country – where everything from the news on television to the way people get around with public transport has changed.

What would you do if you won the LOTTO today?

It’s probably not as crazy as what happens to Sweet Coetzee!

Leon Schuster: About Sweet ‘n Short

The movie Sweet ‘n Short was first released in the year 1991, when South Africa was experiencing a particularly turbulent times – and when comedians like Leon Schuster had to make their voices heard!

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Remember the superhero suit?

Sweet ‘n Short is filled with many scenes that can be considered classic, including the final scene – without giving away any spoilers, of course.

The film also features the talents of fellow comedian Casper de Vries, portraying a vindictive news anchor named George Weedle.

The LOTTO draws for the week

Playing LOTTO this week?

The National Lottery is available at participating retailers and online, with this week’s regular lottery draw worth at least an estimated R15 million.

Phanda, pusha, play – just remember to keep your winning ticket, so you don’t need to go on a crazy journey like Sweet Coetzee if you’ve won!