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Latest: Drunk Drivers warned ‘your days are numbered’ – Mbalula

Drunk drivers and owners of Ferarris have been warned to rather park their vehicles and leave them on show or face the wrath of the law.

Fikile Mbalula Twitter Jacob Zuma

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has warned drunk drivers and reckless drivers that their days are numbered while ordering the owners of Ferarris to keep their cars parked in the village when they are drunk.

Mbalula issued the strong warnings while releasing the national Easter long weekend road accident statistics on Thursday. He said the country had made headway in reducing the number of crashes and deaths on the roads.

The weekend road crash and law enforcement statistics were as follows: 

  • There were 189 crashes nationally
  • A total of 235 people were killed in road accidents
  • 112 people were arrested for speeding excessively
  • 28 motorists were arrested for inconsiderate, reckless and negligent driving
  • 438 drunk drivers were arrested
  • There were 336 roadblocks nationally
  • 100 078 053 vehicles were stopped during roadblocks
  • 853 vehicles were permanently removed from the roads
  • Pedestrian fatalities have increased by 5% compared to 2019.

Mbalula said that while headway had been made in reducing accidents and deaths, the government was intent on tightening road safety laws to ensure that motorists comply.

“For those still refusing to comply, your days are numbered it is just a matter of time before we catch you and remove you from our roads because for are a danger to yourselves and society at large,” Mbalula said.

He warned potential drunk drivers to rather park their vehicles.

“Walk you are drunk, walk away from the vehicle, even if it’s a Ferrari and you want to show people you have come from Joburg and you have worked very hard and have a Ferrari and you want to show the people. Once you have arrived in the village safe and sound, park it in front and showcase it and only drive when you are sober,” Mbalula said.

Asked whether the government would implement its zero tolerance approach, requiring 0% blood alcohol levels when driving, in the National Road Traffic Amendment Act, which will be in force in June 2021, Mbalula said the issue was currently a matter of national debate. He said it would be tested and there would be scientific submissions.

“There are these arguments…what about someone who has taken cough mixture? It is a big debate in the country. The problem in the country is we no longer want to debate since Twitter arrived because its the quickest way to insult one another,” he said.