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KZN police officer shot as five house robbery suspects arrested

A KZN police officer was shot in the leg as an operation was launched to apprehend five suspects involved in a house robbery was launched on Tuesday.

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Police in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) have come under fire by suspects believed to be involved in a house robbery that took place on Tuesday, with one officer shot in the leg. Police were nonetheless able to apprehend two of the suspects.

A follow-up operation that ran into the evening was then launched, and police again came under fire from the suspects. Three men were arrested in the evening and found in possession stolen goods and an assortment of devices used to assist them in a spree of robberies. 

KZN officer shot during arrest operation  

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Brigadier Jay Naicker said that police had tailed a vehicle believed to be involved in the house robbery that took place in Esikhaleni on Tuesday. 

“Yesterday, police officers from the Empangeni Task Team received information of suspects involved in a house robbery at Esikhaleni. The police officers spotted the vehicle used by the suspects at Nseleni in Empangeni and began to tail the vehicle. The suspects spotted the police officers and opened fire on them,” he said. 

“One of the police officers was shot on his leg. Two suspects were arrested at the scene whilst their partners in crime escaped during the shootout. The vehicle that was used by the suspects, which was at stolen from Esikhaleni during the house robbery, was recovered at the scene.”

Second operation garners three arrests  

Naiker said that the second attempt to bring the remaining suspects to justice had led detectives to Ndaya in Esikhaleni, where the suspects once again opened fire at police officers as police approached their hideout.

“Three suspects were arrested whilst an accomplice managed to flee during the gun battle. Police recovered a pistol, a network jammer and four big screen TV’s at the scene,” he said. 

The five suspects will remain in custody pending their appearance at the Empangeni Magistrates Court in coming days. They face charges of armed robbery, attempted murder, possession of stolen property, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, unlawful possession of a network jammer as well as charges in terms of the Immigration Act.

Acting Provincial Commissioner for KwaZulu-Natal, Major General Thulani Gonya, welcomed the arrests of the armed robbers

“We are relieved that our police officer is doing well and will make a quick recovery. I am pleased that these notorious criminals are behind bars and will have their day in court,” he said.