Pam Andrews

Pam Andrews shared some personal details about her younger-self. Image via X @MissNtabeni

‘Anxiety kicks in’: Pam Andrews on why she gave up acting [VIDEO]

Popular singer, former ‘Backstage’ and ‘Rhythm City’ actress Pam Andrews opens up leaving the acting industry.

Pam Andrews

Pam Andrews shared some personal details about her younger-self. Image via X @MissNtabeni

Singer and actress Pam Andrews explains how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) made her struggle with going back to acting. 


Zimoja reports that the actress Pam Andrews quit acting and relocated to the United Kingdom with her son.

“So, I started going to therapy recently because I am broken. I have some stuff going on with me, some trauma that happened. It disrupts my life basically. I have to figure out so many things because of it.”

Andrews also says she’s had to give up acting. She tried so many times to just get into that space again but as soon as she tries to go back, she struggles with her hormones. She adds that her whole-body panics, depression and anxiety kick in.

“So, I’m going to therapy, good therapy. Apparently, I might have PTDS also, complex PTSD.” she added.

The actress says she is working on herself. “It’s just good to understand the way you are and why I struggle with certain things. So, I know when I’m feeling a certain way and know what to do to make myself feel better.”


The singer and actress Pam Andrews played the role of Gail October in Rhythm City and left the show in 2015 before relocating overseas.

TVSA reports that Andrews played the character of Frankie in’s canned soapie, Backstage. She also played Roxy in Tshisa season one and two.

Pam Andrews shot to fame as a member of 101, a pop music group that won the first season of the reality television competition Coca-Cola Popstars in 2002.

Andrews rose to fame when she entered Coca-Cola Popstars in 2001, a reality TV singing competition that gave aspiring musicians a taste of fame.


TshisaLIVE reports that Pam Andrews got candid about the things she did when she was seeking validation from others. 

“Wherever I went I wanted everyone to look at me, and I made sure everyone was looking at me. I was loud, I was very obnoxious. I was wearing these crazy outfits, not this muffin thing that’s going on here, thank you to my child,” she said on social media.

She also reveals that she was wearing very short skirts. Everywhere she went, she made it a mission that she would get attention even if she went to the shop to buy food.

The singer dated Paul Viv for years and the two separated. She then married French pilot Cedric Thivlin in 2008 and the pair divorced in 2012. She then married businessman Voytek Pieron in 2014.