Rachel Kolisi SING Gwijo

Siya and Rachel Kolisi. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Kolisi Foundation aims to do good

The Kolisi family sure have been busy this year, but did you know there’s also a Kolisi Foundation that aims to do some good?

Rachel Kolisi SING Gwijo

Siya and Rachel Kolisi. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

The Kolisi family sure have been busy this year, especially after Siya helped to win the Rugby World Cup – and after Rachel might have had a rugby ball thrown at her head by a fan who later posted an apology video for the mistaken throw.

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But did you know that the pair also have a charitable foundation set up to help other South Africans?

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Here’s more about the foundation and what they aim to achieve, founded by the couple Siya and Rachel.

What is the Kolisi Foundation?

The Kolisi Foundation is a non-profit (NPO) organisation founded and managed by Rachel and Siya, who might be called one of South Africa’s nicest fitness power couples.

According to the about us page, the foundation has been in existence since March 2020.

The foundation exists to provide a charitable system for help to fellow South Africans, including support for community projects that enrich and empower.

Food security and combating gender-based violence are some of the initiatives supported by the foundation.

Rachel and Siya Kolisi: Working together for SA

According to their website’s description, the pair “aims to bring about systemic change by creating safe spaces through sport and education, addressing gender-based violence, and contributing to food security.”

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The website also says that they unite with other organisations to “mobilise resources and strengthen infrastructure and learning”.

A “donor collective” is also available for those who want to make a regular contribution to the Kolisi Foundation or its associated projects.

Get involved here

The foundation has several ways in which ordinary South Africans can get involved to support some of its projects and initiatives.

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Direct donations can be made to the Kolisi Foundation, or you can choose to support any of its projects through the links on its website below.