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HORROR in SA: At its best with ‘8’

The horror genre is fun for nights with the lights out, and 8 might set the stage for one of the scariest local movies you ever watch. See the trailer here.

horror movie

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The horror genre is fun for nights with the lights out, and especially a lot of fun for full moon nights when you get to invite your friends or family to freak out with you.

But there are very few great horror movies out there that give more than just the subtle jump scare!

The Soul Collector, also known as 8, is a South African-produced horror movie that makes a great addition to your playlist for the night.

If you love stories that go bump in the night, you’re going to enjoy the thrills from this one.

Here’s why ‘8’ could be one of the best movies Southern Africa has made yet.

Horror at its best with ‘8’

The story of The Soul Collector starts with an average family moving to an inherited farm, where they’re expected to start a new life away from the horrors of the city.

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Unfortunately, the couple seems to have inherited more than just the house – but also the ghosts that live on the farm.

A few minutes into the film, we meet Lazarus: a travelling stranger who claims to have worked for the original farm’s owner.

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But what is he carrying around in that bag of his?

More about the horror movie

The movie 8 is also known as The Soul Collector, and combines the acting talents of Inge Beckmann and Garth Breytenbach in the role of the horrified couple.

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It’s more than just cheap thrills, but draws horror from ancient South African mythology.

The story also features Biza from the popular show Stokvel.

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If you’ve ever been scared of the dark, this movie might leave a very lasting impression.

[Watch] Trailer for 8

Watch the trailer for 8 below, and find out why this could be one of the most thrilling movies you’ll ever see if you’re a true fan of being scared while entertained!

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