Kidnapped Mayfair

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KIDNAPPING: Pretoria school girls home safe after abduction, one missing

The two girls, who attend Hoërskool Straatpresident C R Swart, were kidnapped by unknown men who forced them to take drugs

Kidnapped Mayfair

Photo: Stock/Canva

Two Grade 10 female pupils – aged 15 and 16, were returned home after being kidnapped by unknown men, the Gauteng Education Department has said.

The learners from Hoërskool Straatpresident C R Swart in Waverley, Pretoria, were on their way to a local clinic in Mamelodi East on Tuesday, 16 November 2021. They were accosted by two men driving a Mini Cooper, who then forced them into the vehicle and forced them to take drugs.

According to the department, once the girls were in a disoriented state, the men drove with them to their homes and demanded that they steal laptops and cellphones for them.

“After fulfilling this demand, the men drove the girls to a mall, and they managed to escape. Due to the deranged state they were in, and not knowing where they were, the girls ended up sleeping in a secluded area in the outskirts of the township,” said spokesperson Steve Mabona in a statement.

The girls eventually managed to sober up the following morning and were assisted by residents in the area to find their way home.

“The matter was reported to the police for further invention.The girls are scheduled to undergo psychological and medical examination to treat any possible trauma or harm caused during this incident,” Mabona added.

Pretoria high school girl missing

In another worrying part of the story: Another learner from Hoërskool Straatpresident C R Swart has been missing for two weeks. The Gauteng Education Department says it was the female pupil’s mother who informed the school after being called to ask about her absenteeism. Her mother informed the school that her daughter allegedly left saying she will be visiting a friend and has never returned home since.

This matter has been reported to local police authorities who are currently investigating the whereabouts of the learner, the department said.

“We welcome the safe return of the two Grade 10 girl learners from Mamelodi East and we commit to providing them with all the support they need after the harrowing incident. We also strongly remain hopeful for the safe return of other learners who sadly went missing this month,”

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi