Kenya’s president is done taki

Kenya’s president is done taking BS from striking teachers, ‘get back to work’

Uhuru Kenyatta has had just about enough of his striking teachers; perhaps South Africa could take a leaf out of his book on how to deal with unions.

Kenya’s president is done taki

So, how do you deal with unruly unions? Well, you leave it up to the courts of course. See, if you have a powerful, unbiased and independent judiciary that’s left to do its job, you don’t have to fight the battle yourself and that’s exactly what Kenyatta is doing.

According to News24, Kenyatta asked teachers to return to work as their demand for a 60% pay rise is unrealistic, adding that the state wage bill already makes up more than 50% of the country’s total budget; and that a pay increase for Kenya’s 280 000-odd teachers would force him to raise taxes for all Kenyans, bowing more money and cutting infrastructure development programs.

“None of these options is tenable. Our country must live within its means.Frankly, it is wrong to hold our children hostage to wage demands,” he said.

Now, while Kenyatta could put pressure on the unions to stop their strikes, he’s leaving it up to the courts to decide and on September 25 Kenya’s labour court will rule on the teacher’s fate.