Jacob Zuma rescission

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

JUST IN: Zuma refuses to be examined by NPA doctors

The foundation of former president Jacob Zuma said he has refused to be examined by National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) appointed doctors.

Jacob Zuma rescission

Photo by Emmanuel Croset / AFP

Former president Jacob Zuma has reportedly refused to be examined by National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) appointed doctors.


According to a media report, his foundation said this is because he is tired of his claims of ill-health being treated with distrust.

Last week Zuma’s military doctors handed in a confidential medical report about his fitness to stand trial for arms deal-related corruption.

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While his lawyers had agreed to a court order that the State could appoint its own doctors to examine him, his foundation reportedly now insists this is “unnecessary”.

Zuma is due back in court on 9 September, when his lawyers will confirm whether or not they will seek a longer postponement of his trial.

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Zuma was hospitalised earlier this month, as he underwent surgeries while serving a 15-month jail term for defying a Constitutional Court ruling that he appear before the State Capture Inquiry.

The apex court is expected to rule on his application for a rescission of that judgment in the coming days.

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Meanwhile, South Africans seem to be opening up their wallets for former president Jacob Zuma, whose foundation had asked for help in the form of donations, to pay for millions of rands in legal fees.

In addition to his arms deal case, Zuma also sought legal assistance in relation to his appearance before the State Capture Commission. While he eventually didn’t show up to the proceedings, there were several delays which prompted the help of lawyers, including several bids to avoid going to jail, as per the Constitutional Court’s ruling.


Now just days after kickstarting the fundraising drive for the former statesman, the Jacob Zuma Foundation says the contributions have been pouring in and has thanked people for their support.

Today we saw another generous instalment of sacrifices by those heeding the call to assist H.E Prez Zuma.

The contributions are growing impressively.

The Foundation is very grateful, Thank you.

There is no minimum amount, every cent counts.

Together we shall conquer.

The Jacob Zuma Foundation

However, the foundation is keeping mum for now as to exactly how much money has been donated so far.