Julius Malema land

Photo: Twitter

‘It belongs to us!’ – Julius Malema backs Free State land grabs

With just two weeks to go until South Africans head to the polls, Julius Malema has been ruffling feathers in Free State with his land views.

Julius Malema land

Photo: Twitter

EFF leader Julius Malema has made his position clear on the subject of land grabs in Free State, and he’s supporting the people who have chosen to illegally occupy land near the town of Mooidraai.

Julius Malema backs Free State land grab

During a campaign event on Sunday, Malema reiterated that the land ‘belongs to all of us’, and encouraged those breaking the law by living in illegal settlements to continue flouting the rules and regulations.

Two of the EFF’s major campaign focuses are on land and jobs. The Red Berets remain committed to enforcing the non-compensatory model of expropriation, but they also support alternative means of securing land for the disadvantaged. However, encouraging these land grabs could land Julius Malema in trouble.

EFF say people ‘must take land issue into own hands’

The 40-year-old has never backed down from his position, and his rhetoric was booming once more on Sunday. He told attendees that all houses built in Mooidraai must come with flushing toilets – otherwise, they aren’t ‘proper houses’.

“You must continue to occupy land here. We will never let go of this place. It belongs to us. Our children’s homes are here. Every house must have a flushing toilet. If it doesn’t have a flushing toilet, it’s not a proper house.”

“They are turning us no into animals. We are no different from animals. We must be different from animals because we are human beings. We must be treated with respect.” | Julius Malema

Free State: Julius Malema visits resident’s home

Malema made these comments shortly after visiting one local resident, who revealed that sewage had been leaking into her home – but the local municipality has refused to help ‘Koko’ with her dilemma.