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EFF leader Julius Malema. Photo: Jay Caboz / Flickr

EFF vs Dudula: Malema encourages Red Berets to ‘respond with violence’

EFF leader Julius Malema shared a shocking tweet that created division among South African social media users.

EFF World Bank loan National Treasury

EFF leader Julius Malema. Photo: Jay Caboz / Flickr

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander in Chief Julius Malema shared a very strong worded tweet. The head of the Red Berets spoke about violence being emitted to members and supporters of the EFF.

Malema stated that members needed to defend themselves. If they’re in a situation where self-defence is needed, they need to triple the force back to their enemies, according to Malema. 

Malema’s tweet in words

“All @EFFSouthAfrica must defend each other, and if violence is emitted against one of our own, we must, in self-defence, triple it back to the enemy forces.”

Julius Malema, EFF leader

Malema’s post gained over 2,900 likes on Twitter in a matter of hours. His replies section quickly filled up with comments from netizens who either supported the EFF or denounced Malema’s words. 

Social media responds to the tweet

@rikhotsomoses said:

“Can anyone assist in the process of cancelling an EFF membership? I made a mistake and I am sorry..”

@AdvMagadze wrote with regards to Malema’s post:

“The difference between You and Nhlanhla Lux is that You are leading on Twitter and he is leading on the ground.”

@michellemodika asked:

“Is this you instigating violence?”

@MoragSwan shared in response to Malema:

“The EFF does love drama and the publicity that comes with it. I guess that’s why they call you Fighters.”

Victim of Dudula’s ‘anti-immigrant raid’ gets EFF support

Tensions are threatening to boil over in the Dobsonville region of Soweto on Wednesday after the EFF gave their full backing to Ntate Victor Ramerafe. The local resident saw his house ransacked by the anti-immigrant group Operation Dudula over the weekend – and he’s pressing criminal charges.

According to Ramefafe, members of the group stormed into his house, accusing him of being a drug dealer. The victim denies any of these allegations. Pictures taken at the scene show how his windows were broken, and his belongings were thrown to the floor by angry protesters.

However, the EFF and Ramerafe say this was a case of mistaken identity. Nonetheless, both parties are willing to take this further, ensuring that the full might of the law is felt by Operation Dudula. The movement’s leader, Nhlanhla Lux, will have charges filed against him later today. Read the full story here.