Julius Malema Youth Day alcohol

Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘Stop young adults drinking alcohol on Youth Day’ – Julius Malema

Julius Malema wants all young adults in the country to stop drinking on events like Youth Day – because it does not ‘fit well’ with the occasion.

Julius Malema Youth Day alcohol

Photo: EFF / Twitter

If there’s one thing South Africa doesn’t need, it’s more confusing rules about drinking alcohol. Julius Malema gave a very bombastic Youth Day speech on Wednesday, and he punted a rather controversial idea in the process.

Julius Malema presents case for ‘self-imposed alcohol bans’

The EFF leader stated, in no unclear terms, the young people ‘cannot drink on Youth Day’. He reasons that, because this day marks the deaths of those involved in the Soweto Uprising, getting bladdered doesn’t do justice to their sacrifices.

Anyone looking to buy alcohol from a bottle store on Wednesday would be bang out of luck – under Level 3 restrictions, which were brought back last night, liquor cannot be sold for off-site consumption on public holidays, or any time between 18:00 on a Thursday and 10:00 on a Monday. There are, however, some legal loopholes for drinkers.

‘Youth Day is for mourning, not for partying’ – Juju

Juju also argued that partying on a day of rememberance ‘feeds into negative stereotypes’ about black people. He has since urged his fellow South Africans to prove they are responsible, and turn their backs on the booze during days of national remembrance. However, avoiding the bottle on a public holiday is easier said than done…

“When we say we don’t celebrate this day we mean that the youth cannot drink on this day. Youth cannot go around throwing parties on this day. It is a day of mourning, it is a day of remembrance.”

“This is a day of salutation: You cannot do that in a state of drunkenness. Unless you want to please whites – that all you know is alcohol and sex, and you have got no respect for yourself and those who died before.”