Johannesburg Water plans an 18-hour water outage.

Several suburbs, set to be affected by a water outage on 11 April. Image: Pixabay

Johannesburg Water announces an 18-hour water outage in several suburbs

Johannesburg Water has issued a warning to residents in multiple suburbs to prepare for an 18-hour water outage.

Johannesburg Water plans an 18-hour water outage.

Several suburbs, set to be affected by a water outage on 11 April. Image: Pixabay

Residents across several suburbs in Johannesburg are advised to prepare for an impending 18-hour water outage, as announced by Johannesburg Water.

The interruption, scheduled to commence on 11 April at 6:00 and last until midnight 00:00, will affect all streets in the affected areas.

The affected areas

Here are affected areas:

  • Sunninghill
  • Gallo Manor
  • Edenburg
  • Wendywood
  • Waterfall
  • Woodmead
  • Morningside
  • Kelvin

The anticipated impact of this interruption will be a complete cessation of water supply to customers during the specified period.

The reason behind this disruption is the tie-in of an upgraded water line, transitioning from 450mm to 650mm. Despite the inconvenience, this upgrade promises improved service delivery and a more reliable continuity of water supply for affected residents.

In light of the upcoming interruption, residents are encouraged to make necessary arrangements to mitigate the inconvenience. This includes storing sufficient water for essential needs during the specified timeframe.

Johannesburg water infrastructure under scrutiny

In related news, significant water supply disruptions hit large parts of Johannesburg last month due to a power outage at the Eikenhof water pumping station. This incident starkly highlighted the vulnerability of the city’s water infrastructure and emphasised the urgent need for upgrades and maintenance.

The Democratic Alliance echoed this sentiment, emphasising, “The only sustainable solution to the water crisis is to address the infrastructure failures that have contributed to the current water outages.”

Furthermore, the impact of such disruptions is far-reaching, affecting not only residential areas but also essential facilities like schools, healthcare centres, and old age homes. Moreover, many residents were forced to resort to purchasing water at additional costs to sustain their daily activities.

Addressing these challenges, the government has established a Water Task Team, chaired by Deputy President Paul Mashatile. Additionally, the task team comprises various departments, including Water and Sanitation, COGTA, Human Settlements, Public Works and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, and the Police. This team is dedicated to finding lasting solutions to the water supply challenges facing the country.