hillbrow raids

Photo: Twitter / David Tembe

In full force: Joburg police ramp up the raids in Hillbrow [photos]

Joburg law enforcement has made it clear that they are in the business of keeping the city’s streets clean and safe, not politics.

hillbrow raids

Photo: Twitter / David Tembe

The Johannesburg police have kept the pressure right on the necks of Hillbrow residents, as the raids continued on Wednesday evening.

Joburg law enforcement targets Hillbrow residents

The revolt that the police faced a week ago did nothing to discourage them from carrying out their mandate. For weeks, the concerted effort between SAPS and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department has resulted in a lot of the counterfeit goods sold in Hillbrow removed from the streets.

Those who were arrested in last week’s raids have already been charged. On Monday, the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court ruled that over 300 hundred undocumented foreign nationals will be deported back to their respective home country.

Wednesday night’s raid was no different. A surprise visit from the police saw many Hillbrow residents in panic, as they attempted to jump out of the window of a building that was targeted by law enforcement.

What was recovered from the raid?

Law enforcement officers managed to confiscate an array of illicit items, including a plastic bag full of dagga. Xolani Fihla from the JMPD also told SABC News that items such as boxes of clothes, shoes, and bags were seized during the raid.

“We took plus/minus 70 undocumented foreign nationals and we had 180 zip lock bags of dagga that were confiscated. These operations are going to continue in the City of Joburg and people might think we are attacking foreign nationals but it’s not it’s against criminality within the City of Joburg and we have to keep the city clean and safe for the visitors and the residents,” Fihla explained.

What will happen to those that have been arrested?

As Fihla had indicated, there are at least 70 foreign nationals, deemed to be undocumented, that were arrested in Wednesday evening’s Hillbrow raids.

If the process applies in the same manner that it did with last week’s raid, the arrested foreign nationals will most likely be due to appear before the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court to verify their Home Affairs status.

If found to be documented, it is likely that they will be released — that is if they aren’t being sought as persons of interest in ongoing investigations.

However, if it turns out that they are in the country illegally, the court will most probably sign them up for deportation and hold them at the Lindela Repatriation Centre, in Krugersdorp, where the other 300-plus foreign nationals are being kept.