Photo: Twitter / David Tembe

Motorist charged with attempted murder after strangling and racially abusing JMPD woman officer

A 24-year-old suspect allegedly said he would have killed a JMPD officer if she wasn’t rescued by an e-hailing driver and a passenger.


Photo: Twitter / David Tembe

A 24-year-old old fitness trainer was arrested for attempted murder, assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, resisting arrest and reckless and negligent driving after he allegedly assaulted a woman member of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) on Saturday night, 28 August.


The woman officer from a JMPD K9 Unit was reportedly on patrol in southern Johannesburg at approximately 22:00 when she spotted a Volkswagen Jetta speeding and driving recklessly. The suspect’s vehicle was coming from Rossentenville and heading towards the Joburg CBD.

“The driver disregarded red traffic lights and almost bumped into the JMPD patrol vehicle,” said JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla. “The officer swerved to the left avoiding the speeding vehicle which continued to drive at a high speed.”

The officer chased after the suspect and managed to stop the vehicle at the intersection of Baldwin Road and Eloff Extension, Village Deep, according to the metro police. The suspect then threw his car into reverse and nearly collided with the officer’s vehicle again.

The officer moved the vehicle to a safer place and stepped out and told the suspect to sit still as she called for backup.

“Whilst making her way back to the patrol vehicle, the male suddenly grabbed her from behind and started strangling her. As she was losing her breath, he picked her up, and threw her onto the ground,” said Fihla.

“He kicked her in the face swearing at her, yelling racial slurs, calling her offensive and derogatory names.”


The JMPD said an e-hailing driver and a woman passenger came to the rescue of the officer when they drove past and realised what was happening. The passersby reportedly shouted at the suspect, telling him to leave the officer alone.

The suspect apparently told the e-hailing driver and passenger that the JMPD officer was the one assaulting him, which they rebuffed, telling the suspect that they had witnessed the altercation and he was not the victim.

“The male proceeded to pick the officer up, throwing her onto the ground and kicking her again. The e-hailing driver intervened and manage to stop him from assaulting the officer,” said Fihla.

Eventually, private security personnel arrived at the scene and the suspect was arrested and placed in the back of the patrol vehicle.

“On their way to the police station he started banging and kicking, saying that if those people didn’t come to her rescue he was going to kill her like the officer that was killed in Pretoria,” said the JMPD spokesperson.

While the 24-year-old white man charged and detained at the Johannesburg Central SAPS station, the JMPD officer was taken to Milpark Hospital for treatment.

She had sustained injuries to her head, face, left eye and right shoulder from the suspect’s alleged beating and the manner she was thrown around. The officer was discharged from hospital on the same evening.

“The JMPD management condemns the attack on police officials especially female officers. We hope that this arrest will set an example that unwarranted attacks on police officials and women will not be tolerated. We wish the officer a speedy recovery,” said Fihla.