Jacob Zuma Cyril Ramaphosa

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‘Ramaphosa bribed judges to win elections’ – Zuma hits back in Zondo rant

If Jacob Zuma is going down, he’s taking Ramaphosa with him. Msholozi hasn’t held back, in his acid-tongued response to developments at the State Capture Inquiry.

Jacob Zuma Cyril Ramaphosa

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Jacob Zuma, eh? Hate him or love him, the man is blockbuster entertainment. On Monday night, he came through with the goods in a 37-paragraph response to Raymond Zondo’s ConCourt verdict: The DCJ has ruled that the former president should ‘face imprisonment’ for failing to appear at the State Capture Inquiry, escalating the matter to the highest court in the land. But the ex-head of state wants the judiciary to take a closer look at Cyril Ramaphosa, instead…

Jacob Zuma gets nasty, turns spotlight on Cyril Ramaphosa

Msholozi’s response was always going to be explosive, and of course, we got a lot of the usual rhetoric from uBaba: The courts are apparently captured, he is allegedly the victim… the usual on the a la carte menu. However, the 78-year-old decided to make an almighty allegation against his presidential successor.

According to Jacob Zuma, President Ramaphosa ‘has paid off judges’ and curried their favour in order to secure ANC election victories – and favourable treatment in court. Of course, these allegations are completely unverified, but they put the ball firmly in Cyril’s court. Meanwhile, the head of state must be regretting his call to ‘give Zuma some time and space’ last week – because it’s certainly done him no favours:

Zondo showdown: Latest statement from Msholozi

“We sit with some Judges who have assisted the incumbent President, Mr. Ramaphosa, to hide from society what on the face of it seem to be bribes obtained in order to win an internal ANC election. We sit with some judges who sealed those records simply because it will reveal that some of them, while serving in our courts, have had their hands filled with 30 pieces of silver.”

“It is not the law, against which I protest, as I refuse to subject myself to the Zondo Commission. I protest against our black, green and red robes, dressing up as individuals that have long betrayed their office and the Constitution. You do not have to like me to see this. The law, I respect. It’s abuse, I do not.”

“The antipathy of some courts and Commissions towards me has made it futile for me to try and access the courts. Not only will I be dismissed, but I will be charged with punitive costs for the hearings. History will reveal that only some in our courts have actually been captured. I continue to protest, in order to protect our judiciary.”

  • – The statement, in three parts, can be accessed via this Twitter page belonging to Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Dudu.