stage 8 load shedding

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It’s coming home: SA told to ‘plan for load shedding’ THIS WEEK

More than a month after South Africa’s last schedule of load shedding, it would appear that more power cuts might be due this week.

stage 8 load shedding

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It never rains, it pours – until the coal is soaked, apparently. One of the top energy experts in South Africa has Tweeted an ominous 15-word warning for the country, forecasting a very tense period for Eskom in the days to come. On top of the Level 4 restrictions and the aftermath of widespread looting, load shedding may soon make an unwelcome return.

Is load shedding returning to SA?

Ted Blom is something of an oracle when it comes to all things Eskom. His usually scathing takes on the load shedding situation never seem to be far from the mark, and when he says there’s a problem, it really is time to listen…

“Electricity supply going to be VERY tight again this week – plan for possible load shedding”

Ted Blom, energy analyst

Writing on the wall

South Africa has been burdened by load shedding in 2021, as rolling blackouts became as bothersome as the pandemic itself. Businesses, already crippled by lockdown and illnesses, have also had to contend with one of Eskom’s worst years on record. For the past month or so, the situation has been relatively serene – but that’s likely to change soon.

Freezing cold conditions are set to blast Mzansi this week, and that poses some severe operational challenges to the utility. Already on Monday, regions in Limpopo, North West, Gauteng, and Free State have been hit by load reduction schedules – signalling that a national plan of action may have to take place soon.

Eskom and load shedding: What to expect this week…

There have been no outages since the middle of June, but it remains to be seen just how severe a potential new period of load shedding could be. For now, the experts are warning citizens of the republic to ‘plan ahead for the worst’.