Level 4 lockdown fake news

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‘It is fake news’: Here’s the Level 4 lockdown rumour you need to ignore

If you’ve received this WhatsApp message about Level 4 of lockdown today, the best thing you can do is delete it – and correct the sender.

Level 4 lockdown fake news

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An official in the presidency has comprehensively rejected claims that South Africa is heading for Level 4 restrictions on Monday night, after troublesome rumours were shared online. It was claimed that the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) had informed employees that a ‘hard lockdown was on the way’ – but that’s not the case.

Level 4 loading? Not yet, guys…

Athi Geleba is a spokesperson for Ramaphosa’s team – and serves as his digital communications supremo. She took to Twitter on Monday to extinguish the misinformation currently spreading like wildfire. All recipients are encouraged to tell the sender that the message is completely untrue, and should not be circulated any further:

“Fake news alert: NEDLCAC has not informed employers to prepare for Level 4 lockdown, nor has it been approached by the government to discuss [such measures]. If you receive this WhatsApp message, please indicate to the recipient that it is classed as fake news.”

Athi Geleba

Fake news alert: No ‘hard lockdown’ on the cards…

The false message you need to disregard

“We just had confirmation from NEDLAC  that employers and businesses must prepare for Level 4 lockdown, for 30 days up to 15 February. Only 10% of the workplace capacity is allowed. All international travel and borders will be shutdown. Alcohol and tobacco sales will be impacted, with stricter curfew hours.”

Why it’s an absolute load

  • The ANC stated last week that Level 4 lockdown is not being considered at this point.
  • From information gathered today, we know that the current Level 3 laws will only undergo some ‘adjustments’.
  • Beitbridge remains a hot topic, but the government has not yet made a commitment to border closures.
  • Tobacco sales are unlikely to be limited in this particular round of lockdown changes.