Idris Elba and his daughter un

Idris Elba and his daughter unable to enter SA due to new travel laws

Award-winning actor, Idris Elba has cancelled a planned trip to South Africa at the last minute after his daughter, Isan, failed to meet the new immigration requirements passed into law earlier this year.

Idris Elba and his daughter un

Idris, who played the iconic role of Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, was set to spend time in South Africa to promote his new film, Mandela, My Dad and Me. An accomplished musician and DJ, Idris was so inspired by the film that he decided to make an album, mi Mandela.

However, just before the project began, Idris lost his father, Winston and Mandela, My Dad and Me turned into a deeply personal journey for the acclaimed actor.

The Juice can confirm that Idris was set to arrive in South Africa on Sunday, 22 November. He wanted his daughter, Isan, to accompany him on the trip. It’s understood he was at Heathrow International Airport in the business class lounge when he was told that he could not travel, as his daughter did not have the correct documents needed under the South African immigration laws.

“He certainly wasn’t going to leave his 14-year-old daughter alone at the airport and made the decision to cancel the trip. He is very upset about the whole thing, as he loves South Africa and had no idea about the new laws,” a source told us.

“Idris was travelling with his daughter and only at the last minute it came to light she did not have the correct paperwork to enter South Africa. The trip to South Africa had to be cancelled as a result, ” confirms Anthea Petersen, A+E Networks Regional Director, Africa

South African Home Affairs have decided to backtrack recently on their newly implemented laws, but the changes obviously have not been implemented across the board yet.