Cape Town murder rate higher t

Cape Town murder rate higher than cities in the midst of terrorism

Yup, more people are killed in the Mother City than in cities with the highest terrorism-related deaths globally, according to the latest Global Terrorism Index.

Cape Town murder rate higher t

The report pins Cape Town among the 10 cities with the highest murder rates globally, as the Mother City’s death toll is more than double what you’d find in cities suffering under terrorism.

Now, even though the outcomes are equally devastating, local clever folks say that you really can’t compare the two. TimesLive reports The institute for Economics and Peace did a four year study comparing terrorism with other forms of violence.

“Although terrorism is undoubtedly a major safety and security concern, there are other forms of violence that result in more deaths globally.

“The global homicide rate is 13 times the global terrorism rate, with 437000 people dying from homicides compared with 3685 from terrorism,” the report said.

If you’re going to look at purely terrorism then Baghdad beats us hands down and criminology professor Anthony Minnaar was clear that murder and terrorism-related deaths are “completely different” and can’t be compared.