taxpayers jacob zuma

(Gallo Images / The Times / Esa Alexander)

Huge story: Zuma has been offered a R2 billion amnesty package according a report

This. Is. Quite. Something.

taxpayers jacob zuma

(Gallo Images / The Times / Esa Alexander)

The folks over at Daily Maverick have dropped an absolute pearler of a bombshell this morning. The publication reports that Jacob Zuma has been offered a R2-billion amnesty package.

According to the report, it’s the most significant financial amnesty ever made to a sitting head of state.

The money will reportedly come from private individuals and institutions, and not from state coffers – so you can relax about your tax money… for now.

According to Daily Maverick, sources from within the ANC and business community have confirmed that the word has been mentioned.

However, JZ isn’t biting yet and he’s not agreed to talks.

But the report leaves many questions, as Richard Poplak writes in the Daily Maverick:

The economic implications, to say nothing of the legal precedent it would set, are beyond staggering: enough fuck-off money to upgrade a Nkandla a year until 2027. But where would Zuma go? Who else among his faction would be granted amnesty? What would happen to the cash he and his associates already have? And what species of country would be left standing in his wake?

It’s a staggering offer. Money, charges expunged, no jail time for all those charges.

Just how desperate are the ANC to get rid of Zuma and why on earth would they go to these lengths to make the offer?What does the president know?

We’re as baffled as you, dear reader.

You can – and absolutely should – read the full story on Daily Maverick.