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Photo: EFF / Twitter

Early retirement? Julius Malema reveals when he plans to leave politics

Julius Malema has a set a benchmark down for his retirement from politics – stating that he eventually ‘wants to live a normal life’ with his family.

Julius Malema sassa 10 KIDS

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Based on your personal politics, the thought of Julius Malema quitting his role as the EFF leader either fills you with dread or joy. The 40-year-old has had a boisterous career in the public eye – but he’s accepted it won’t last forever.

When will Julius Malema leave politics?

Juju gave an interview to SABC on Tuesday evening, discussing all things related to the 2021 Local Elections. He discussed policies, coalitions, and even berated Jacob Zuma for returning to campaign for the ANC.

However, the political firebrand showed something of a softer side, opening up about his family and a desire to eventually lead a quieter life. Julius Malema confirmed that he has ambitions to leave politics when he is 55 years old, meaning that he’ll still be around for another 15 years before calling it a day.

EFF leader wants to retire early… unless he’s president

By 2036, Malema wants to be minding his own business on a farm somewhere – possibly one that’s been expropriated. However, his promise to jack it all in when he is 55 comes with a caveat: If he is elected president, he will carry on regardless. So Juju’s opponents mustn’t start counting down the days just yet…

“My intention is to leave when I am 55 years old, because remember I came into this thing when I was just nine. I’m not here to stay forever. I want my kids to have a life of their own. I want my family to have a life of their own – and for as long as I am where I am, they will always be ‘Julius Malema’s children’ ‘Julius Malema’s wife’.”

“They can’t do anything because someone will be watching them. But perhaps if I leave at 55 years, like Clearance Makwetu, and go die in my farm. But, if the people of South Africa want me to be the President of South Africa, they will elect me, and I will accept that responsibility.

“And if the EFF nominates me to be its President for the 3rd, for the 4th, for the 5th time – I will be available, until I go to retirement. When the time is right, I will walk away.”