Flights cancelled South Africa BA KULULA SAA MANGO

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong: SAA working on ways to return stranded South Africans

SAA says it is working tirelessly to get an opportunity to return South Africans that are stranded in Hong Kong back home.

Flights cancelled South Africa BA KULULA SAA MANGO

Image: Wikimedia Commons

As the situation intensifies in Hong Kong, our national airline has indicated that it is working on a plan to get stranded South Africans back home safely.

Hong Kong protests: What is the latest?

The situation at the Hong Kong International Airport has not shown signs of promise. Since Friday, 9 August, the world has witnessed a grand-scale hostage situation where protesters have rendered one of the world’s busiest transport hubs inoperable.

This is in response to a proposed extradition bill that has sparked fears that China may be meddling in Hong Kong’s sovereignty. The bill has since been suspended, however, the protests have morphed into a pro-democracy movement that is calling for the Hong Kong government to reclaim its special administrative status.

Dozens have been arrested after riot police clashed with protesters at the airport. At this point in time, there have been no reports of injured South Africans.

How many South Africans are stranded in Hong Kong?

According to an eNCA news report, SAA has indicated that it is aware of the fact there is a group of South Africans who are stranded at the airport and exposed to the violence that has gripped travellers from different parts of the world in fear.

“We have received notification that there are South Africans who are stranded on the other side. Our appeal, as the airline, is to get some level of certainty and for plans to be put in place so that we are able to make proper planning in terms of how we are able to recover our schedule , what additional forms of assistance we can render to our passengers who are affected,” SAA spokesperson, Tlali Tlali said.

SAA may not have to wait long for clarity after authorities of the airport obtained an interim injunction seeking to restrain protesters from obstructing its operations.

“As you will know, in instances where the airline is not able to operate, the airline will take the responsibility in ensuring that passengers are looked after and they receive accommodation. However, under circumstances of this nature, that’s where a call is made that when people are travelling — especially international — we should ensure that they have insurance policy in place so that under serious circumstances, it is able to kick in. However, we are providing all the necessary support,” Tlali Tlali added.