5G Technology conspiracy covid-19

Photo: Ivan Radic / Flickr

Has 5G technology caused COVID mutations? CSIR set the record straight

It’s always nice to hear some common sense on this topic. The CSIR held a webinar this week, to clarify rumours about COVID-19 and the ‘5G conspiracy’.

5G Technology conspiracy covid-19

Photo: Ivan Radic / Flickr

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has comprehensively rejected claims that 5G technology can manipulate cells or viruses in the human body. During a webinar held earlier this week, senior scientists painstakingly expressed that there was no truth to the conspiracy linking electromagnetic frequency (EMF) to COVID-19.

Scientists dismiss ‘baseless conspiracies’

Misinformation has been a genuine problem throughout the past 12 months. Conspiracy theorists have dismissed COVID-19 as a killer, despite its devastating effects on the population. Crackpot suggestions, such as ‘DNA-altering vaccines’ and ‘the human consumption of bleach’, has given governments worldwide some genuine headaches.

You can add the 5G conspiracy onto that list, as well. Baseless claims that the technology (which serves as the fastest and most recent network of online connectivity) somehow created COVID-19 have spread far and wide. Cell phone towers were destroyed in protest, and mass marches against the EMF have drawn large crowds – in defiance of virus protocols.

Has 5G technology caused COVID-19 mutations? Of course not…

However, there’s literally no scientific proof that 5G is linked to anything pandemic-related. The network was recently blamed for causing variants that can evade vaccines, including the 501Y.V2 mutation found in South Africa. Dr. Essa Suleman, a senior researcher for the CSIR, came through with the facts:

“Many of the studies reporting alleged health effects associated with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels only observe possible negative effects when the levels are consistently higher than those emitted from 5G equipment and under very specific laboratory conditions.”

“5G technology has nothing to do with the mutation or the spread of COVID-19. There is no scientific evidence to back this up; these kinds of miscommunication can have dire consequences. Indeed, 5G has given science the opportunity to share data very quickly allowing us to respond to this challenge in a much more coherent and comprehensive manner.”

Dr. Essa Suleman